Casino 21

The Little Casino 21

LAS VEGAS, the gambling capital of the world, You are playing in the big casinos of the city, have a really good run of luck and win a very large amount of money. For some inexplicable reason, you are denied access to the city’s big casinos after your big win. A little disappointed, you stroll back through some dark, disreputable city streets towards your hotel and happen to pass the small Casino 21. You decide to try your luck there again. The atmosphere in Casino 21 is smoky, a little eerie and dark and you get the feeling that you are playing with counterfeit money. Your game begins and the hand couldn’t be better, so you decide to double your bet. As collateral, you put in your plane tickets, passports and sign a promissory note. But then you lose by 22 and realise that you have been taken in by counterfeit gamblers…………..Mist!, you have 55 minutes to win back your tickets, the passports and the promissory note.

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The Stone of Power

The worst nightmare in the wizarding world is about to come true. “He Who Must Not Be Named” is about to return to subjugate the world. But to do so, he needs the power contained in the Stone of Power. Can you and your friends stop this by finding the magic stone before he does? Prove your skills as wizards and witches, open secret doors and explore forbidden places full of spells and dangerous magic. The fate of the whole world of magic depends only on you

Peter’s hunting lodge

Fleeing from a murderous group of poachers, your group of mushroom hunters wanders through the forest. Suddenly you find yourself in front of an abandoned hut that seems to have been used by hunters. Looking for shelter and a place to rest, you enter the hut. But after you have entered the hut, the door slams shut behind you and cannot be opened. It was a trap. Can you escape with your friends?

Upside Down

A mysterious gate has opened in the city. The government has tried to keep the phenomenon under wraps, but something is trying to break through. You are assigned a top-secret mission to enter the gate and close the Upside Down. However, you must remain vigilant. Whatever is trying to break through will be lurking in the Upside Down with you. Can you save the city in time?


Your quest to investigate the legend of Dracula has led you to mountainous Bran, Transylvania, where the castle of Prince Vlad Tepes is located. Here the nights last longer and the creatures of the night lurk in the shadows, which grow larger as the moon rises…. Exploring the woods around Dracula’s castle, you are overwhelmed by your emotions…. And then, suddenly, you wake up in a dungeon … like all the others who had tried before you. You have been captured by him. You must now be quick and use whatever help you can from within the cell. Look for clues left by Dracula’s previous victims and escape the castle before it is too late! His return would be the end of you…

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